Welcome to North Hills Tailor.  I am Huyen Tran, tailor shop owner.  We have been in business for over 25 years in professional alterations for casual and formal wear.   We also do custom design for women, men and children. 


Serving the Raleigh, North Carolina area.  Expert tailor you can trust and recieve the best care for your clothing. 


Our specialties are:

        -  Wedding Dress Alteration

        -  Bridal gown Alteration

        -  Prom Dress Alteration

        -  Irish Dance Dress Alteration

        -  Men Suit and Casual Wear Alteration

        -  Women Casual and Formal Wear Alteration

        -  Children Clothing Alteration

        -  Other Tailoring specialties


We deal with all kinds of Fabric:

        -  Canvas 

        -  Cashmere

        -  Cotton

        -  Silk

        -  Leather

        -  Polyester

        -  Rayon

                                            -  and more.............


If you are looking for someone to alter your clothing to ulter perfection, North Hills Tailor is the right place for you. 


We expect nothing less than to give to all of our customers honesty, quality, excellent service and reasonable price. 


Come and see us to get the most exceptional service you'll ever experience.

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